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Frequently asked questions:

Online Academy

  • How many lessons will I have?
    Your online course consists of three individual lessons and one group lecture of your instrument teacher.
  • How is the lesson schedule planned?
    The lessons schedule is made and sent to you by the academy, considering the availabilities of each participant and possible time differences.
  • What kind of equipment do I need?
    Basically, you need only a computer with a good internet connection. For a better sound quality, we recommend having an external microphone.
  • How do I connect with my professor?
    You will receive the invitation for each session from the academy, using the Zoom platform.
  • Can I call my professor?
    The Academy doesn't give the professors' phone numbers to the students, but it is up to each professor to decide how they communicate with the students.
  • How do the group lessons work?
    The group lesson will be like any group session on Zoom. You will receive the link to connect to the session and you will find your teacher and the other students on the same session. Please remember to close your microphone to avoid any disturbing noises.
  • Can I change my lesson time?
    We will send you the lesson schedule prior to the masterclass. If there's a lesson time that you can't attend to, please let the administration know and we can try to swap with another student.
  • I'm having problems with my connection, what to do?
    Please try cutting the session off, reboot your internet connection and return to the session with your teacher. If it doesn't work, please contact the Academy administration.
  • Will there be an online concert?
    There will be an online concert of the Academy recorded in Morges, but for productional reasons we cannot compile a concert of individual students from around the world.
  • How do I pay for the course?
    You can pay by bank transfer. You will receive the academy's bank details in the application process.
  • How will I receive my certificate?
    You will receive your certificate by email.
  • Can I participate in chamber music lessons?
    Unfortunately no, the chamber music classes are not open in 2021.
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